In-Store Goodies

Need a last-minute cake or just want a quick treat? No problem! We have a fully stocked Self Serve case full of goodies for you to choose from!

Self Serve Case

Cake Slices - Starting at $2.99

   White   ~   Chocolate   ~   Strawberry   ~   Carrot

Cream Cheese Mints - $12.99 for 50

   Classic rose shaped cream cheese mints

Cupcakes - $12.99 per dozen, $6.50 per half dozen

   Iced with our famous buttercream and decorated with rainbow sprinkles

   White   ~   Chocolate   ~   White/Chocolate Mix

Dessert Cakes - Starting at $16.99

   Full flavor list here

Cheesecakes - Starting at $14.99

   Full flavor list here

Pre-Decorated 8x12 Sheet Cakes - $26.99

   We keep a variety of pre-decorated sheet cakes-  available for pick up without an order, iced with our famous                      buttercream

   Balloons   ~   Festive   ~   Floral   ~   White scrolls   ~   Tie Dye

   White   ~   Chocolate


Assorted Cookies - $0.99 each or $9.99 per dozen

​   Full flavor list here

Iced Butter Cookies - $0.99 each or $9.99 per dozen

Buttercream Cookies - $2.25 each

Cookie Sandwiches - $2.50 each

   Our famous buttercream between two cookies of your choice!


$1.50 each or $15 per dozen

Jumbo Cake Balls



Build-Your-Own Munchie Box

A box full of our signature goodies! - $9.99

Your choice of 6 cookies, 2 jumbo cake balls, and 2 brownies

(Substitutions Available)

New! Pies

Fresh, creamy pies ready to take home! - $12.99/ea or $3.99/slice

  Full flavor list here